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Chong Kim was honorably mentioned in Chuck Norris, Actor/Producer, his article about Human Trafficking.

Chong Kim, whose sexual trafficking story is at the heart of the award-winning film "Eden," explained how subtly she was coerced into the trafficking world that led to two long years of torture before she could escape:

Anais Baker, Student NMU

"The woman who opened my eyes to Sex Trafficking back in 2012 within the U.S. is Chong Kim.  I've felt that if I didn't meet her and hear her experience, I would still not know that there is so much going on around us."

Dillon Burroughs, Christian Author

"Chong Kim serves as a powerful example of a person who has turned pain into a way to make a difference in the lives of countless others.  Her story deserves to be told on behalf of the many who are unable to speak out."

Margaret Vienna LSU Campus Life

"The students at LSU connected with Chong Kim's story and social justice platform.  The meet and greet after her discussion went over an hour as so many wanted to personally meet her.  She was great to work with and the LSU was happy to have her."
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