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Logline:  Under pressure to bring down a growing International Human Trafficking ring, ICE recruits JoLina, a former high powered Madame connected to the ring's leader.  The partnership quickly takes unexpected turns when JoLina struggles to keep her demons at bay and the ICE's dual motives are revealed. 

Starring:  Charlie Reign, Steven Bauer (Scarface, Breaking Bad & Queen of the South), Lorena Vasquez and Wayne Garner.

Eden was Chong's first story made.
You can access it via @Amazon Prime
Starring Beau Bridges & Jamie Chung.


The 8 & Halfilm's 2023 Best American Director, Chong Kim is ushering in a new age of advocacy and cultural transformation.  Ms. Kim's short film E40S has won over 10 awards in 2023 and her original film, 'Eden' is still New York Times critically acclaimed film since 2013.  

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Broken Silence - Autograph copy

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